Supporting Olive

As a free and open source program, Olive relies on community support to fund its continued development. Video editing software is extremely complex and has a lot of moving parts, particularly with the ambitious cutting-edge featureset that Olive is targeting, including end-to-end color management, node-based compositing, and highly performant disk caching. Achieving this is not trivial, and in the long-term will require a team of developers working full-time to keep the code moving forward at a high quality.

Since Olive is completely free and open source, the only way to get there is through support from people like you. If you'd like to support Olive development, consider donating with one of the methods linked below.

Patreon (monthly)

Become a Patron!

The best way to help Olive is to sign up to our Patreon. By signing up, you'll help ensure that Olive's developers can work on it consistently without having to take on other work to make ends meet. You'll also get access to our monthly development blog detailing new features, bug fixes, and the challenges behind them.

PayPal (one-time or monthly)

If you'd prefer to make a one-time donation, or a monthly donation without Patreon, you can do that through our PayPal.


Olive is looking for sponsors to help continue funding development. If you are interested in sponsoring Olive, please e-mail us at [email protected].