Nightly Builds

These are the latest of the latest builds of Olive's current codebase. As such, they are considered highly unstable and while they may contain new features, they are used at your own risk or for testing purposes only.

Date Hash Comment Windows macOS Linux
2021-09-08T03:36:14Z9843fd47ci: determined cause of errorsDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-09-08T03:23:40Zd374d9aeci: try brew update/upgradeDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-09-08T02:36:50Za958a437ci: try standard core packagesDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-09-08T02:15:13Z090fc075ci: try forcing brew install with macOSDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-09-08T01:07:07Zbd288961nodes: comment out debug lineDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-09-07T20:02:09Za3ac761bci: use brew packages with custom tap on macOSDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-09-06T18:01:07Z6d576a3eopengl: use desktop header on macDownload (zip)Download (exe)DownloadDownload
2021-09-04T00:02:09Z3fccfecdadd subtitle track when switching to add toolDownload (zip)Download (exe)DownloadDownload
2021-09-03T22:10:11Z90af822bopengl: use correct shader versionDownload (zip)Download (exe)DownloadDownload