Nightly Builds

These are the latest of the latest builds of Olive's current codebase. As such, they are considered highly unstable and while they may contain new features, they are used at your own risk or for testing purposes only.

Date Hash Comment Windows macOS Linux
2022-05-22T01:34:41Z3de9251cviewer: limit invalidation rangeDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-05-22T00:26:54Z766a5bf6audiovisualwaveform: skip null copy lengthDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-05-20T01:16:30Zc5b6b0c4crashhandler: fix symbol issueDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-05-19T23:54:18Zb0530cd5decoders: upload directly to textureDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-05-19T17:53:31Zf4af8353viewer: temporarily patched to fix live updatesDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-05-19T05:31:01Z4694485ftests: remove now obsolete testDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-05-16T22:44:25Za48513a8viewer: fixed issue with reverse playbackDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download