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Nightly Builds

These are the latest of the latest builds of Olive's current codebase. As such, they are considered highly unstable and while they may contain new features, they are used at your own risk or for testing purposes only.

Date Hash Comment Windows macOS Linux
2021-11-25T23:23:21Z451e513amatch export alpha behavior with previewDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-11-18T00:14:45Z0afbad6cci: just use pwdDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-11-17T20:30:28Z85ca5dfcci: use new deps for macosDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-11-17T07:59:14Z2b21366eplaybackcontrols: keep buttons smallDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-11-15T23:47:05Z8befda8dviewer: improved audio queue behaviorDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-11-12T20:22:00Z575d3bd1only show task if using custom rangeDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download
2021-11-12T19:06:28Zf4db7cd3fixed untranslated line in trig nodeDownload
2021-11-12T18:48:39Zda3dc765implement inhibiting sleep on linux during video playbackDownload
2021-11-12T00:14:37Zab8d9e14moved sleep prevention code for further abstraction, implemented macOSDownload
2021-11-11T06:28:37Z65446fd7export: use export timebase instead of originalDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download