Nightly Builds

These are the latest of the latest builds of Olive's current codebase. As such, they are considered highly unstable and while they may contain new features, they are used at your own risk or for testing purposes only.

Date Hash Comment Windows macOS Linux
2022-08-16T17:08:09Z9cad108dMerge pull request #2013 from ogayot/include-avcodec-headerDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-16T01:24:17Z4a22bf71clip: fix issue with trimming in point of speed adjusted clipDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-15T23:24:34Zf091ad5aexportdialog: remove unnecessary memberDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-15T18:53:39Z4a933f77viewer: makeCurrent before retrieving pixel at cursorDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-15T18:06:34Zf18461e6timeline: allow pasting nodes into or over clipsDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-12T16:16:12Z402c4e16ui: move zoom scrolling option to preferencesDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-12T16:01:47Z87348031nodeparamview: fix issue where some nodes didn't appear in curve viewDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-11T17:03:17Z2130f179renderer: add mutexes around texture cacheDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-11T15:35:17Z9f8ffe1fconfig: rename entry to force refresh on other systemsDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download
2022-08-10T18:49:21Z409f24beexportdialog: allow restoring parametersDownload (zip)Download (exe)Download (Intel)Download (Apple Silicon)Download