Thank you for downloading Olive

Thank you for testing this pre-release build of Olive. While Olive is gradually becoming a very capable editor, there may still be some minor and major issues that we're still in the process of fixing. Please use at your own risk, and if you run into problems, feel free to let us know on our GitHub issues page.

Olive relies on community donations to keep its development active. For the most part, Olive is developed by one person in their free time. The more donations, the more time that more people can spend working on it. If you can, and would like to support Olive development and see it speed up, please consider donating either one-time or monthly. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Development updates are posted on a regular basis on Patreon. These used to be paywalled but are now completely free to read. This effectively serves as Olive's development blog, so if you're interested in keeping track of progress as new features are added and bugs are fixed, feel free to check that out every month to two months.

If you like Olive, please consider supporting on Patreon to help develop new features.

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